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In some applications, pit depth and pit overhead dimensions are not appropriate.

Here, we offer a solution of completely approved ready-to install package FITLift elevator system according to EN 81/1 + A3 and EN81/21 standards.

STRATEX FitLift Elevator - Exhibition Intro 2012 STRATEX FitLift Elevator - Factory Installed
Exhibition Video 2012 Sample İnstallation

Technical Specs:

  • Pit Depth: 200 mm
  • Overhead Height: 2700 mm
  • Speed: 1.0 m/s
  • Capacity: Up to 450 kg
  • Entrance gates: Entrance from 3 directions
  • Door Options: Full Automatic and  Semi- Automatic door options
  • Areas of Application: Anywhere from concrete to steel constructions
Machine Room-less
Elevator Systems
Hydraulic Systems
No need for pit depth
No need for Top Floor
Max.cruising range
(Max.floor hight)
Max. cruising speed
Need a Minimum Pit
A++ Enerji
Enviromental Respect